Pentair STA-RITE

Max-E-Pro High Efficiency Pool and Spa Pump

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  • Description

    Max-E-Pro High Efficiency Pool and Spa Pump

    High efficiency, low maintenance and maximum performance. All the features demanded by today’s pool professionals. The Max-E-Pro has a Quick-Lock™ trap cover ring and the 2 in. ports incorporate internal and external threads for simple plumbing connection. Available in single- and two-speed models, with ratings from 1/2 to 3 HP. Built with quality construction using a durable one-piece pump housing constructed of Dura-Glas™ Sta-Rite’s industry leading glass-reinforced composite resin. Fast cleaning with a new Quick-Lock trap covering permits fast access to strainer basket. Large see-thru lid makes it simple to check for debris. A strong, sturdy, specially-designed base dampens sound and vibration, making the Max-E-Pro one of the quietest pumps in its class.

    • 2-speed Max-E-Pro High-Efficiency Pump models are now ENERGY STAR® Certified: meets strict energy efficiency criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
    • Typical Installation – Inground pools, pool/spa combinations, inground spas, fountains and water features
    • Self-priming – Suction lift up to 15 ft. above water level
    • Easy-to-Install – 2 in. ports include external and internal threads for more plumbing options
    • Superior Hydraulic Design – Moves larger volumes of water, resulting in lower operating costs
    • Impeller Manufactured with PPO Resin – Withstands the toughest water environments
    • Fluoroelastomer Rubber Shaft Seal – Longer-lasting seal stands up to the harshest environments
    • Self-lubricating Lid O-ring – Does not require lubricant
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Pentair STA-RITE
    Pump Type Pool Pumps, Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Pumps
    Series Max-E-Pro
    Models 5P6R6D, 5P6R6D3, 5P6R6E, 5P6R6E3, 5P6R6F, 5P6R6F3, 5P6R6G, 5P6R6G3, 5P6R6H, 5P6R6H3, P6E6C, P6E6D, P6E6E, P6E6F, P6E6G, P6E6H, P6E6H36, P6EA6D36, P6EA6E, P6EA6E36, P6EA6F, P6EA6F36, P6EA6G, P6EA6G36, P6EAA6F, P6EAA6G, P6R62D3, P6R62E3, P6R62F3, P6R62G3, P6R6C3, P6R6D, P6R6D3, P6R6E, P6R6E3, P6R6F, P6R6F3, P6R6G, P6R6H, P6R6H3, P6RA6E, P6RA6F, P6RA6G, P6RA6YF, P6RA6YG, P6RAA6F
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