Smart Circulators

Smart Circulators are efficient, eco-friendly solutions to many applications that allow precise control over speed and flow by utilizing electronics.


  • Armstrong Compass Armstrong


  • Ecocirc XL Bell and Gossett

    Ecocirc XL

    • ecocirc XL 110-180, ecocirc XL 15-75, ecocirc XL 20-140...
  • Grundfos Magna3 Grundfos

    MAGNA3 Go

    • MAGNA3 100-120, MAGNA3 40-120, MAGNA3 40-180...
  • HEC-2 Bumblebee Taco

    HEC-2 Bumble Bee

  • Taco Viridian Taco


    • VR15, VR20, VR25...