Booster Pump and Control Panel Inspections

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Booster Pump and Control Panel Inspections

A qualified James Electric service technician will come to site and complete a booster package inspection which includes the following:

  • Check all terminal motor connections
  • Check and tighten all panel electrical connections
  • Test the operation of the pump controls, including:
    • Current sensors
    • Programmable logic controller
    • Pressure switches
    • Minimum run timers
    • Automatic pump alternation
  • Test the operation of the thermal relief/no-flow shutdown circuit
  • Open, inspect, and clean the pressure reducing valves
  • Adjust pilot valves if required
  • Check the suction and discharge pressure with test gauges
  • Test all isolation valves
  • Check for no flow issues with two pumps running
  • Adjust the aquastat and test the solenoid valve
  • Record motor current
  • Test low suction pressure switch
  • Check the pressure in the draw down tank (if applicable)
Booster Pump Inspection and Control Panel Inspections

Upon completion of the tests we will provide a written report of the operation and condition of your booster package. If desired we will provide a written quotation of any required repairs.

Call for pricing Prices are subject to change based on work required.

Please Note: If we determine that the PRV’s are no longer operational and immediate repairs are required, we will complete the repairs and additional charges will apply.