Inline Duct Fans

In-Line Duct Fans for use in commercial and residential applications. Fully controllable motors, energy efficient, versatile and capable fans.


  • Canarm AXC Series Inline Duct Fan Canarm

    AXC Series

    • AXC100A-ES, AXC100B, AXC125A-ES...
  • FG Series Fantech

    FG Series

  • FKD12 Series Fantech

    FKD Series

  • FR Series Fantech

    FR Series

    • FR 100, FR 110, FR 125...
  • PV Series Soler & Palau

    PV Series

    • PV-100, PV-100x, PV-125...
  • TD Mixvent Series Soler & Palau

    TD Mixvent Series

    • TD-100, TD-100x, TD-125...
  • TD Silent Series Soler & Palau

    TD Silent Series

    • TD-100XS, TD-150S, TD-200S