Domestic Booster Pump Audit

James Electric Pump Audit

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Many pump systems waste money every day! James Electric’s Pump Audit will examine the overall efficiency of your booster pumps and show you how much money you could save.

The initial purchase price of a pump system accounts for approximately 5% of its entire cost over its lifetime. Service and maintenance accounts for approximately 10% which leaves energy consumption to account for 85%. When energy accounts for 85% of the total cost, this is where you can really save money.

Our pump audit is a full diagnosis of your existing pump system. It measures pressure, flow and power over the span of one week. Analyzed data reveals the actual load profile of the system, calculates the efficiency, return on investment and carbon emission reduction. We will then provide you with a full report and a recommendation for the best system for you.

The New Grundfos BoosterpaQ

A Grundfos Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ is a fully integrated system that brings the latest technology at the highest quality to you. Each component is made by Grundfos to meet the highest standards in the industry. The CUE 352 MPC controller can handle even the most difficult boosting applications with ease and accuracy. Based on the extremely reliable, high-efficiency CR pump range, this is a fully integrated system that ensures all technologies involved in the process work perfectly together.

Benefits of Variable Speed

Pumps adjust their speed to exactly suit current demands, meaning energy is never wasted on generating pressure you don’t require. The result is energy savings of up to 50% year in and year out.


  • Superior efficiency plus variable speed control saves energy costs year after year.
  • High-quality cartridge mechanical seal makes for easier maintenance and servicing without dismantling the pump.
  • No-flow shutdown.
  • All components(pump, VFD motor, connections, and accessories) are available from James Electric, which streamlines ordering and maintenance.

With all of our reports, a file is generated which contains the following pertinent information:

  • Photos of pumps and piping
  • Control panel data
  • Pump nameplate information
  • Pumping information & parameters

If future service is required, simply call us and we will pull your file prior to going to site. This will ensure we are aware of what equipment and parts may be required, which can help reduce the downtime of your system.

Grundfos Booster Pump - James Electric Pump Audit