Whatever your application, James Electric will have the fan or blower for you. If you are specing out a new application, or replacing an existing unit, we are here to help. With our huge inventory on replacement fans & blowers, and our large inventory of replacement parts, we are your first choice for all your air moving needs.


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  • Broan 345 Series Residential Exhaust Fan Broan

    345 Series

  • 500 Series Broan

    Bath and Ventilation Fans

    • 502, 503, 504...
  • Deluxe Broan

    Deluxe Series

  • Economy Broan

    Economy Series

  • Broan

    Losone Series

    • L100, L150, L1500...
  • Delhi Canarm 400 Series Forward Incline Canarm

    400 Series

    • 407, 409, 410...
  • Delhi Canarm 600 Series Forward Incline Canarm

    600 Series

    • 610, 612, 615...
  • ADD Series Canarm

    ADD Series

    • ADD12, ADD14, ADD16...
  • AX Series Canarm

    AX Series

    • AX08, AX10, AX12...
  • Canarm AXC Series Inline Duct Fan Canarm

    AXC Series

    • AXC100A-ES, AXC100B, AXC125A-ES...
  • Delhi Canarm BI Series Backward Incline Canarm

    BI Series

    • BI-10, BI-13, BI-16...
  • Canarm BTA Series Tube Axial Duct Fan Canarm

    BTA Series

    • BTA12, BTA15, BTA18...
  • Canarm CA Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CA Series

    • CA24-C, CA24OSC-C, CA24P-C...
  • Canarm CCU Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CCU Series

  • Canarm CD Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CD Series

    • CD120SP, CD160SP, CD160SPS
  • Canarm CP Series Ceiling Fan Canarm

    CP Series

    • CP36, CP36BK, CP48...

Showing 1–16 of 53 results