Tube Axial Duct Fans

Tube Axial Duct Fans: high performance and in multiple sizes to meet the specifications of a variety of airflow needs with little to no maintenance.


  • Canarm BTA Series Tube Axial Duct Fan Canarm

    BTA Series

    • BTA12, BTA15, BTA18...
  • Canarm DDA Series Tube Axial Duct Fan Canarm

    DDA Series

    • DDA12, DDA15, DDA18...
  • DA Series Soler & Palau

    DA Series (Compact Duct Axial Fan)

    • DA 12, DA 16, DA 18...
  • DDT Series Soler & Palau

    DDT Series

    • DDT-12, DDT-16, DDT-18...
  • Tjernlund EF Tjernlund

    EF and EA Series

    • EA-5, EF-10, EF-12...