System Upgrade, Pump Replacement & Fabrication

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Why Upgrade?

Obsolete Pumps

If you have pumps that were manufactured more than 10 years ago they may be obsolete. Armstrong, Bell & Gossett and Taco have all made modifications to their pump designs over the last decade and some of those changes may affect the pump dimensions. The new pump models may no longer fit the footprint of the original pumps. In addition if you currently have a Stork, Darling or Leitch pump they are no longer manufactured. This means that if these pumps fail and impellers, shafts or castings are required, replacement is the only option. At James Electric we have the ability to determine the actual system flow, pressure requirements and piping & pump dimensions to help determine the best replacement option. Every effort is made to keep piping changes to a minimum while providing the same pump performance.

Pump Upgrade/Replacement - Before
Pump Upgrade/Replacement - After


Energy Efficient

New energy efficient pumps and motors mean that we may be able to provide the same pump performance using less horsepower, saving energy. New VFD technology and integrated VFD drives that mount directly to the pump allow for further increases to energy efficiency… saving you money and reducing your buildings carbon footprint.

Smaller Footprint

Using Close Coupled, Base Mounted and Vertical Inline pumps we can also reduce the pump footprint. This allows us to replace obsolete pumps with oddball dimensions using new pumps that may only require minor modifications to the existing piping.

Fewer Mechanical Parts

Close coupled pumps eliminate the need for couplings between the pump and motor. This eliminates the need for ongoing coupling alignments and additional costs associated with coupled pumps (bearings, housings, shafts, etc.). As there are fewer parts to fail, it makes the pump easier and less expensive to repair.


James Electric wants your pump upgrade to be as easy and convenient as possible. Our fabrication specialists will take accurate measurements of existing pumps and piping. Our pump specialists will then select a new pump. They will look at pump selections from all the major pump manufacturers until they find a pump that can be installed with minimal changes to the existing piping. We complete as much of the welding and fabrication as possible in our service centre and with the use of roll groove technology, many upgrades can be completed without striking a single arc on site. No hot work permit required! Your new pump is ordered and built in our shop for a quick and easy change out on site, reducing downtime.

No matter how old, how dirty, how obsolete or how difficult, we will find the best replacement pump for your system.

Whatever you require, we have you covered