Wall Exhaust Fans

Wall Exhaust Fans for heavy duty applications. Designed to be efficient and require little to no maintenance. Ventilation for warehouses, stores, and more.


  • ADD Series Canarm

    ADD Series

    • ADD12, ADD14, ADD16...
  • AX Series Canarm

    AX Series

    • AX08, AX10, AX12...
  • DDP Series Canarm

    DDP Series

    • DDP12, DDP14, DDP16...
  • HV Series Canarm

    HV Series

    • HV24, HV30, HV36...
  • HVA Series Canarm

    HVA Series

    • HVA24, HVA30, HVA36...
  • P Series Canarm

    P Series

    • P12-1R, P12-1RS9M115, P14-1R...
  • SD Series Canarm

    SD Series

    • S10-B2, S12-E1, S12-E2...
  • XB Series Canarm

    XB Series

    • XB24, XB30, XB36...
  • SHE Series Fantech

    SHE Series

    • 2SHE 0721, 2SHE 1021, 2SHE 1221...
  • JEGP Series James Electric

    JEGP Series

  • JEXP Series James Electric

    JEXP Series

    • JE12XP, JE16XP, JE18XP...
  • S Series Soler & Palau

    S Series

    • S10-2, S12-1, S12-V...