In-Shop Repair Service

In-Shop Repair Services

Pump, Motor, Fan and Blower Repair and Service

Whether you are shipping your equipment to us or dropping it off in person our extensive inventory of parts means we are able to handle most repairs with off-the-shelf items, reducing customer wait times. Our top of the line experts and equipment will make sure your project is done to your exact specifications.

We offer:

  • Fully trained, accredited and experienced staff
  • 11 fully equipped repair bays
  • In house, fully equipped machine shop
  • Fabrication shop for custom built packages
  • Motor rewind shop capable of winding motors from Fractional HP to 200HP
  • Electric motor testing equipment
  • Pump repair and service for all kinds of pumps
  • Motor repair and service
  • Fan/Blower repair and service
  • Pump testing and analyzing equipment
  • Dynamic and static balancing equipment (Fans, Impellers, and Rotors)
  • The ability to handle the majority of repairs with “off the shelf” items reducing customer wait times

“On Call Emergency Service” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us at 1 (403) 252-5477

All the Parts, All the Time.

Armstrong Replacement Parts and Pumps

Armstrong Replacement Parts

Armstrong System Open Panel

Armstrong System Sideview

Electric Motor Build

Electric Motors and Replacement Parts

Fan and Blower Display at James Electric

Hydronic Components, pumps and parts

James Electric Custom Build

Pump Repair and Replacements

Pump Parts and Replacements

Replacement Belts at James Electric

Sheaves and Hubs at James Electric

Submersible Pumps

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact one of our qualified sales and/or service personnel listed on the Contact Us page.

Or call us at 1 (403) 252-5477