Circulator Fans

Circulator Fans for use in industrial/commercial and domestic applications. From pedestal and ceiling fans to heavy duty fans to circulate large volumes of air.


  • Canarm CA Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CA Series

    • CA24-C, CA24OSC-C, CA24P-C...
  • Canarm CCU Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CCU Series

  • Canarm CD Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    CD Series

    • CD120SP, CD160SP, CD160SPS
  • Canarm CP Series Ceiling Fan Canarm

    CP Series

    • CP36, CP36BK, CP48...
  • Canarm HPWP Series Ceiling Fan Canarm

    HPWP Series

    • CP48 HPWP, CP56 HPWP, CP60 HPWP
  • Canarm HVR Series Drum Fan Canarm

    HVR Series

    • HVR24, HVR36
  • Canarm PBKD Series Pedestal Fan Canarm

    PBKD Series

    • PBKD24-3SP, PBKD24-OSC, PBKD30-3SP...
  • Canarm WMKD Series Circulating Fan Canarm

    WMKD Series

    • WMKD24-3SP, WMKD24-OSC, WMKD30-3SP...
  • CFO Series Schaefer

    OSHA Compliant Circulation Fans

    • 20CFO, 20CFO-OSC, 24CFO...
  • VKM Series Schaefer

    VKM and VKT Series