MAGNA3 pumps are extremely flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life and no maintenance requirements. They are fitted with IR communication and can offer external control and monitoring via expansion modules.

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  • Description


    • The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in the following systems:
      • Heating systems
      • Air-conditioning and cooling systems
      • Domestic hot-water systems.
    • The pump range can also be used in the following systems:
      • Ground source heat pump systems
      • Solar-heating systems.


    • Proportional-pressure control
    • Constant-pressure control
    • Constant-temperature control
    • Constant-curve duty
    • Max. or min. curve duty
    • Automatic Night Setback
    • No external motor protection required
    • Insulating shells supplied with single-head pumps for heating systems
    • Large temperature range where the liquid temperature and the ambient temperature are independent of each other.


    • Low energy consumption.
    • The AUTOADAPT function ensures energy savings
    • Built-in differential-pressure and temperature sensor
    • Safe selection
    • Simple installation
    • No maintenance and long life
    • Extended user interface with TFT display
    • Control panel with self-explanatory push-buttons made of high-quality silicone
    • Work log history
    • Easy system optimization
    • Heat energy meter
    • Multi-pump function
    • External control and monitoring enabled via add-on modules

    The complete range is available for a maximum system pressure of 16 bar (PN 16).

    Grundfos GO

    • The mobile tool box for professional users on the GO.
    • It gives you intuitive handheld pump control, and full access to all the Grundfos Online tools on the go.
    • Grundfos GO consists of two Apps: GO Remote and GO CAPS.

    Grundfos GO Remote

    • Gives you intuitive handheld pump control.
    • Save valuable time on pump control, data collection and reporting with the most comprehensive mobile platform on the market.
    • Grundfos GO Remote works with all our E-pumps and communicates both using both radio and infra-red technology.
    • It provides easy-to-follow tips and guidance as well as live pump data feeds.

    Grundfos Go Overview

    • To communicate with the pumps, special hardware (Mobile Interfaces) from Grundfos is required.
    • The Grundfos GO Remote app can be downloaded for free for both Apple iOS and Android devices.
    • While connected to a Grundfos product, the following features are available:
      • Product dashboard – gives the user a quick overview of the connected product
      • Status data – monitor status data from the Grundfos product
      • Alarms and warnings – see detailed alarm information with timestamps
      • Configuration/commissioning
      • Create installation report in pdf format
      • Read/write profiles – copy configuration from one product to another
      • Supports 28 languages

    Grundfos GO CAPS

    • GO CAPS works on-line and supports all the basic CAPS functionalities.
    • It is available for Apple iOS devices only, and is free to download. The detailed features are:
      • Search product by: Number, Name or QR code
      • Size a product (Heating, Air-conditioning, Pressure boosting & Wastewater)
      • Catalog
      • Replace product
      • Compare products
      • Product view
      • Projects
      • Favorites
      • Supports 11 local languages
  • Additional information

    Product Category Smart Circulators, Small Circulators
    Series MAGNA3, MAGNA3 100-120, MAGNA3 40-120, MAGNA3 40-180, MAGNA3 40-80, MAGNA3 50-150, MAGNA3 50-80, MAGNA3 65-120, MAGNA3 65-150, MAGNA3 80-100
    Manufacturer Grundfos
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