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Zebra HVAC Sidewinder ECM Winding Analyzer

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  • Description

    Zebra HVAC Sidewinder ECM Winding Analyzer

    Diagnosing which section of an ECM motor that has a problem has never been easier.

    The SideWinder is easy to use! Using the tool’s first test, by rotating the motor shaft, causes the motor to generate a back-EMF voltage, which is displayed by the phase LEDs. Comparing the brightness of these LEDs shows how the three phases are working. The second test checks for any shorts or grounds between any of the windings and motor frame. The 3 LEDs display any faults.

    Built to last! The SideWinder is housed in a rugged plastic case with secure latch that protects it from damage. Affordable adapters for most ECM motor in the HVAC/R industry are avaliable.

    The Perfect companion for the UZ-1!

    • Fits most ECM winding section connectors.
    • Inexpensive adapters available for fit the rest.
    • Uses the motors back-EMF generation to display each of the motors 3-phase conditions.
    • An unlit or out-of-amplitude indicator LED shows faults (shorts, opens) in each phase winding.
    • A second test indicates any shorts between the motor frame and any phase winding.
    • No external power needed. 9-Volt battery included.
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Zebra HVAC
    Product Category ECM, Tools and Accessories
    Part Number SW-5
  • Technical Data