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Universal Zebra UZ-1 Basic ECM Tester

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  • Description

    Universal Zebra UZ-1 Basic ECM Tester

    The Universal Zebra System (UZ-1) is The Most Versatile Weapon In Your Arsenal Against ECM Motor Problems

    The secret to this tool’s flexibility is Adapters. These low-cost adapters simply plug in to the end of the Universal Zebra’s harness, and adapt the tool to most ECM motors used in the HVAC-R Industry.

    Each adapter includes a magnetic overlay card that explains what functions the UZ-1’s switches and LEDs perform for that specific series of ECM motor.

    The System features free online training; new adapters whenever new HVAC-R ECM motors are introduced to the industry, special bench-test motor Power Plugs with Harnesses; and an assortment of Accessories.

    • Easy-to-Use; three 3-way switches and 7 LEDs.
    • Rugged Latchable Case with Lead Storage Area
    • Full-Color Sleeve with Point-of-Purchase Information
    • Quick-reference Card bonded to inside lid of case
    • Owner’s Mini-Manual included; Free Online Video Training
    • Package Weight: 15 oz. each
    • Standard Carton: 6 Pieces
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Zebra HVAC
    Product Category ECM, Tools and Accessories
    Part Number UZ-1
  • Technical Data