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VM Pump – VM Series Self Priming Pumps

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  • Description

    VM Series Commercial Self Priming Pump

    The VM Series of Cast Bronze and Cast Iron pumps with integral hair and lint strainer pots have been designed for a verity of commercial and semi-commercial applications making them ideally suited for use in swimming pools and spas, water features and fountains where rugged design, high performance and self-priming characteristics are desired.

    With the ability to provide flows up to 435 USGPM, heads to 109 feet the performance features of the VM Series of pumps make it ideal for numerous aquatic facility water pumping applications.

    The VM Series of pumps are equipped with close-coupled NEMA electric motors and are available in 5, 7½ and 10 horsepower. The VM pumps back pull-out design permits removal of the pump assembly for easy maintenance without disturbing pipe connections. All pumps are provided with flanged 4” suction and 3” discharge connections ready to mate with any standard ANSI B16.1 Class 125 pipe flange.

    • Double-volute casing allows rapid air-separation and water circulation during the priming cycle, and reduces the radial thrust on the impeller.
    • Closed impeller ism ounted on the motor shaft and requires no adjustment to maintain performance
    • Mechanical shaft seal requires no attention and is ideal for continuous operation without supervision.
    • The pump is available in either Iron (Series VMC) or Bronze (Series VMB) construction.
    • Flanged 4″ suction and 3″ discharge connections.
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer VM Pump Co.
    Product Category Pool Pumps, Spa and Hot Tub Pumps, Pool and Spa Pumps
    Series VM, VMB, VMC
    Models 10VMB-S2, 10VMB-T, 10VMB-T5, 10VMC-S2, 10VMC-T, 10VMC-T5, 5VMB-S2, 5VMB-T, 5VMB-T5, 5VMC-S2, 5VMC-T, 5VMC-T5, 75VMB-S2, 75VMB-T, 75VMB-T5, 75VMC-S2, 75VMC-T, 75VMC-T5
    Horsepower 5, 7.5, 10
    Voltage 208-230/460, 230, 575
    Phase Single, Three
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