Pentair STA-RITE

Sta-Rite Dynamo Aboveground Pool Pump

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  • Description

    Sta-Rite Dynamo Aboveground Pool Pump

    Quiet, Efficient and Super-reliable Performance

    Dynamo exceptionally quiet operation and high-flow performance. Constructed of Sta-Rite’s rugged thermoplastic resin. Large-capacity trap and an all-weather, smooth running motor.


    • Ideal for aboveground pools
    • Stands tough against temperature and weather extremes
    • Designed to move large amounts of water at lower restrictions
    • Discharge port features external threads for quick-connect unions
  • Additional information

    Product Category Pool Pumps, Pool and Spa Pumps
    Series Dynamo
    Models 340060SR, 340062SR, 340103SR, 340104SR, 340106SR, 340119SR, 340175SR, 340184SR, 340194SR, 340197SR, 340203SR, 340207SR, 340210SR, 340219SR, 340285SR, 340289SR, 340290SR, 340314SR, 340316SR, 340322SR, 340400SR, 345550SR, 347970SR, 351230SR, 351233SR
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