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Soler & Palau PW-11LMLD Pressure Blower LM 1-1/2HP

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  • Description

    Soler & Palau PW-11LMLD Pressure Blower

    The PW and KE Radial Blade Blowers feature a self-cleaning wheel. KE may be used on small kitchen hoods. These fans are used for exhaust applications where dirt, lint or other foreign material is in the air stream. They are used successfully in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, dust collection, mining applications, agricultural and industrial drying equipment, commercial laundry dying applications and hazardous fume exhaust. Open proof ball bearing motors in single and three phase voltages are standard. TEFC and explosion proof are also available.

    Motor HP Blower RPM CFM v Static Pressure (SP) Inches WG

    0.25″ 0.5″ 1.0″ 1.5″ 2.0″ 2.5″ 3.0″ 3.5″ 4.0″ 5.0″ 6.0″ 7.0″
    1-1/2 3500 786 772 746 719 692 664 635 606 575 508 431 329
  • Additional information

    Product Category Pressure Blower
    Models PW-11LMLD
    RPM 3500