OSHA Compliant Circulation Fans

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  • Description

    At Schaefer, safety and performance go hand-in-hand. Nothing speaks to that more than our OSHA compliant circulation fans, which meet all OSHA safety regulation while delivering maximum airflow. These 2-speed fans have the versatility to be mounted on a ceiling, wall, pedestal or cart, which makes them the ideal cooling solution for any commercial, industrial or agricultural facility.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Blade and direct drive motor are strategically matched to provide the highest achievable levels of airflow. Rated up to 12,000+ CFM!
    • High quality motors and powder coated guards provide the durability a fan needs for years of use.
    • Designed to be extremely energy efficient for additional cost savings! Draws as little as 1.6 amps!
    • Thermally protected, heavy-duty, 2-speed motors are maintenance free with a long life.
    • Can easily be attached to a cart or pedestal for portability or mounted to a wall or ceiling.
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Schaefer
    Product Category Pedestal Fans
    Series 20CFO, 20CFO-OSC, 24CFO, 24CFO-OSC, 30CFO, 30CFO-OSC, 36CFO, 36CFO-OSC
    Models 20CFO, 20CFO-OSC, 24CFO, 24CFO-OSC, 30CFO, 30CFO-OSC, 36CFO, 36CFO-OSC