Little Giant

Little Giant 4-Inch Submersible Well Pump

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  • Description

    • 4 performance ranges – 5, 8, 12, and 22 gpm
    • Available with thermoplastic discharge and motor bracket, or stainless steel discharge and motor bracket
    • Ceramic bearing sleeve for durability
    • Hex rubber bearing has an extra large surface to assure shaft stability and multiple flow channels to keep small particles away from bearing surfaces
    • Celcon® disk allows for close tolerances for increased performance
    • Stainless steel up thrust washer prevents excessive wear in severe applications
    • Built-in, Flomatic® check valve keeps water in the system at all times
    • Removable suction screen on both thermoplastic and stainless steel units prevents debris from clogging impellers and provides full flow performance
    • Stainless steel shaft features high quality, premium materials at a competitive price
    • Powered by Franklin Electric Super Stainless Motor
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Little Giant
    Pump Type Well Pumps, Submersible Pumps
    Models W12G05S7-21P, W12G05S7-21S, W12G05S7-22P, W12G05S7-22S, W12G05S7-32P, W12G05S7-32S, W12G07S9-22P, W12G07S9-22S, W12G07S9-32P, W12G07S9-32S, W12G10S12-22P, W12G10S12-22S, W12G10S12-32P, W12G10S12-32S, W12G15S17-22P, W12G15S17-22S, W12G15S17-32P, W12G15S17-32S, W22G10S7-22P, W22G10S7-22S, W22G10S7-32P, W22G10S7-32S, W5G05S13-21P, W5G05S13-21S, W5G05S13-32P, W5G05S13-32S, W5G07S18-22P, W5G07S18-22S, W5G07S18-32P, W5G07S18-32S, W5G10S21-22P, W5G10S21-22S, W5G10S21-32P, W5G10S21-32S, W807S12-32S, W8G05S9-21P, W8G05S9-21S, W8G05S9-22P, W8G05S9-22S, W8G05S9-32P, W8G05S9-32S, W8G07S12-22P, W8G07S12-22S, W8G07S12-32P, W8G10S15-22P, W8G10S15-22S, W8G10S15-32P, W8G10S15-32S
  • Performance Curves