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Soler & Palau LCE24-LMDS Belt Drive Wall Fan (No Motor/Drive)

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  • Description

    LCE24LMDS Fan Belt Drive Wall Fan (No Motor/Drive)

    LCE Series Wall Fan: Size 24, Max 1 1/2HP, CFM Range 2256 to 9774, 5/8″ Max SP

    LCE (exhaust) and LCS (supply) are high capacity belt driven propeller fans rated from 3,000 to 40,000 CFM, with static pressure capability up to 5/8″ W.G. Their primary application is the exhaust or supply of large volumes of air at relatively low static pressures from commercial, light industrial and agricultural buildings such as manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, parking garages, gymnasiums, equipment rooms, distribution centers, poultry houses and greenhouses.

    Wall mounting provides an easy, economical installation. Belt driven fans provide large volumes of air at low fan speeds and low noise levels and afford quick, easy performance adjustments. All necessary accessories are available to meet any need or specification.

    LC’s can be suspended from the ceiling to direct large volumes of air downward toward work centers, improving employee comfort and productivity.

    When mounted in portable housings with OSHA guards, LC-P’s can be used as a man-cooler and rolled to hot spots to provide needed employee relief from heat or fumes to help increase productivity.

    HP Max BHp RPM Sones @ 0 SP CFM at Static Pressure

    0 1/10 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2
    1-1/2 1.82 1100 28.0 9774 9447 9361 8894 8347 7688
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Soler & Palau
    Product Category Wall Fan
    Models LCE24LMDS