KE Series

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  • Description

    • Peerless Blowers Model “KE” is generally used on small kitchen hoods where grease filters may or may not be installed.
    • They are also used where air contains dirt, lint or foreign material, as the wheel is a self-cleaning type.
    • The KE direct drive blowers are available in 5 sizes ranging from a 7-3/4 ” wheel to a 13 1/2 ” wheel.
    • The CFM range is 93 to 3393 with up to 2 1/4 ” static pressure.
    • The fans have cast aluminum radial blade wheels.
    • The KE direct Drive fans are designed with a heavy-duty housing and base.
    • All fans are available in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and the housings are rotatable up to 8 different positions.
    • All of the fans are available with either single or three phase motors in a variety of enclosures.
    • All direct drive radial blade fans are tested in accordance with AMCA codes and standards.
  • Additional information

    Product Category Radial Blowers
    Series KE
    • Technical Data
    • KE-8
    • Technical Data
    • KE-9
  • Technical Data

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