HEC-2 Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee (model HEC-2) represents the very latest in variable speed wet rotor circulator technology. Its high efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity than a standard circulator, and its out-of-the-box settings and 360˚ swivel flange makes it a breeze to install.

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  • Description

    American hydronic systems are based on Delta-T, the actual temperature differential between supply and return. Taco designed the Bumble Bee® to take optimal advantage of that fact. The result is a very smart pump that delivers infinite variable speed for profound system efficiency.

    While other “smart” ECM pumps simply count the number of open zones and pump a pre-set speed to maintain system pressure, the Bumble Bee reacts to how many zones are open and how cold it is outside. It pumps ONLY the BTU’s needed to match the actual heat loss. The entire system runs at peak efficiency every day with no boiler short cycling.

    The Bumble Bee features a bright digital display, universal swivel flange, and a wide open terminal box.

  • Additional information

    Product Category Small Circulators, Smart Circulators
    Series Bumblebee, HEC-2
    Manufacturer Taco
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