Float Switch Connectors

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    Revolutionary Float Switch Connection System Saves Installers Time and Money

    Manifold/float connection system designed for easy installation of float switches

    The EZconnex® 3-port and 4-port Float Switch Connection Systems include an electrical wiring manifold with mounting bracket and hardware. The manifold features three or four quick release float switch connection ports. The 3-port model has a single 6-conductor direct burial cable has Red-Blue-Yellow wire pairs that match the R-B-Y imprint on the manifold housing for easy field wiring while the 4-port has Red-Blue-Yellow-White wire pairs that match the R-B-Y-W imprint. The systems are both rated for short term water submersion. The mounting bracket is designed to allow quick access to the manifold and float switches for easy maintenance.

    EZconnex® float switches feature an internal switching mechanism with sealed gold cross-point contacts for reliable low current operation. A range of wide-angle or narrow-angle float switches feature a quick release connection that simply plugs into the manifold port(s) for easy installation.

    The EZconnex® 3-port system can be used with 1, 2, or 3 float switches and the EZconnex® 4-port system can be used with 1, 2, 3 or 4 float switches. . Each float switch includes a protective rubber boot that provides a dual seal design for an extra layer of protection to keep connections clean and dry. Sealing plugs are available for unused manifold port(s). NOTE: Do not install with open port(s).

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    Product Category Sump and Sewage Accessories, Float Switch, Float Switch Connector
    Part Number 1046918, 1046919, 1046920, 1046921, 1046922, 1046923, 1046924, 1046925, 1047611, 1047612, 1047613, 1050721, 1050840, 1050841, 1050842, 1050843
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