Canarm 24″ Pedestal Circ. Fan Head (CFH24-8)

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  • Description

    Canarm 24IN Pedestal Circ. Fan Head (CFH24-8)

    Note: CA fan heads replace CFH fan heads

    Canarm LFI’s CA circulating fans economically provide relief from summer heat by creating a gentle air movement. They effectively cool large areas in factories, stores, restaurants and other public places. These fans have a low RPM motor which allows them to operate quietly.

    The Floor Pedestal type fans come with a sturdy base and are supported by an adjustable tubular steel post which provides maximum stability. The Wall Mount fans are anchored with a sturdy wall bracket. There is also an optional ceiling mount.

    On all fan models, the fan assembly can be tilted on a swivel bracket to direct air stream upwards or downwards. Available with oscillating motor on the pedestal and wall models.


    • Industrial duty circulating fans.
    • Aluminum blades.
    • Standard OSHA guard.
    • Totally eclosed motor with overload protection.
    • Optional mounting accessories: adjustable pedestal base, heavy duty wall bracket, heavy duty ceiling mount, or dock arm.
    • Some models are available in 50 HZ, explosion proof, three phase and washdown duty. Consult factory for details.
    Model HP RPM Description CFM Shipping Weight
    CFH24-8 1/3 1075/860 Two Speed 7600/6080 42 lbs
  • Additional information

    Manufacturer Canarm
    Product Category Circulator Fans, Pedestal Fans
    Models CFH24-8
    Horsepower 1/3
    RPM 1075/860
  • Technical Data