BI Series

Delhi Canarm BI Series Backward Incline Fans: Complete range of sizes from 10″ to 36″, aluminum wheel, outlet flanges on models BI-24 to BI-36

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  • Description

    • Complete range of sizes from 10″ to 36″.
    • Full AMCA Class 1 Operation.
    • Non-overloading backward inclined (BI) welded wheels.
    • Aluminum wheel – (AMCA type B classification for spark resistant construction) – available as an option.
    • Discharge position can be field rotated to any of 8 discharge positions.
    • Counter clock wise rotation is standard. Clock wise available.
    • Outlet flanges on models BI-24 to BI-36.
    • Temperature Ratings – without a heat slinger 250º F with a heat slinger, steel wheel 400º F, aluminum wheel 300º F.
    • Motor access from 3 sides.
    • Sloped motor base for ease of motor installation.
    • Vented motor and drive compartment cover, with handles, for safety & weather protection.
    • 16 gauge or heavier blower housing.
    • Heavy duty pillow block ball bearings.
  • Additional information

    Product Category Backward Incline
    Series BI
    Manufacturer Canarm
  • Technical Data

  • Performance Data

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